Remote casualty evacuation planning FISA 802

AFAG is an advisory group of the Health and Safety Executives (HSE’s) Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee (AIAC) and meets twice a year. Several project groups have been set up to tackle specific issues. AFAG members come from the industry, HSE and the Trade Unions.

  • Identifying and controlling all major areas of risk to health and safety arising from work activities in forestry, arboriculture and the transport of timber in the forest;
  • Implementing the HSE’s current strategy for workplace health and safety in Great Britain.; and
  • Helping achieve the targets set by Government to reduce injuries, ill health and days lost.

Remote Casualty Evacuation Planning AFAG 802

Remote Casualty Evacuation Planning AFAG 802

Working in remote areas means that it can be difficult to obtain expert medical help quickly and at times response times can be longer that 2 hours.

Remote casualty evacuation planning involves looking at the environment you work within and how this may affect your ability to get help quickly.

  • Does the area you’re working in have good mobile or land line communications and if not how will you call for help?
  • Does the site have the correct level of first aid equipment?
  • Have you provided emergency services with your exact site location and advised them of the necessary specialist equipment required should an accident arises such as over tuned machinery?
  • Have you scouted out and located appropriate helicopter landing sites?

Workers not in direct line of site and the ability to communicate while working machinery could be classed as lone workers! Do you have a lone worker policy in place?

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