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Outdoor and activity instructors first aid 16hrs

This outdoor and activity instructors first aid course has been designed specifically to cater for the challenges of supervising and guiding clients in an outdoor and water based environment. The course will involve an element of workshop and scenario based training in locations used by commercial adventure companies. Along with outdoor first aid skills we will also look at standard operating procedures and incident management to help to make sure your clients are offered the best possible care in a major incident. 

CA First Aid specialise in Outdoor and Wilderness first aid and this tailored course has been designed  for people involved in outdoor instruction and guiding clients.

Our course is  delivered by full-time outdoor professionals who have a number of governing body awards and understand the risks involved in adventure activities. Our instructors have served or are serving members of Mountain Rescue and Fire and Rescue Service teams around Scotland.

Along with their outdoor qualifications all our instructors are trained to a very high standard of advanced Outdoor and Wilderness First Aid techniques. This experience and expertise allows us to deliver Outdoor First Aid training which is both relevant and practical for an outdoor environment.

We regularly provide courses for the Glasgow Climbing Centre, Splash white water rafting, Nae Limits, Glenshee Snow Sports School, Outlook Expeditions and Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre.

All of our outdoor first aid courses are fully compliant with all the National governing body awards schemes including

Mountain safety Scotland  BASI Scottish Cycling 

Along with the practical and water based scenarios this outdoor and activity instructors  first aid course will provide you with the necessary skills to provide first aid treatment to casualties in remote environments were assistance from the emergency services may take some time and will cover the following.

1. The roles and responsibilities of a first aider

2.  Incident assessment

3.  Management of an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally

4.  Management of an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally

5.  Assisting a casualty who is choking

6.  Management of a casualty who is wounded and bleeding

7. Management of a casualty who is in shock

8.  How to manage a casualty with a minor injury

9.  How to conduct a secondary survey

10. Administering first aid to a casualty with injuries to bones, muscles and joints

11. Providing first aid to a casualty with suspected head and spinal injuries

12. Assessing and treating a casualty with a suspected chest injury

13. Treatment for a casualty with burns and scalds

14. Treatment of an eye injury

15. Communications and summoning help without a phone

16. Electric shock and burns treatment form lightning strikes



Additional outdoor instructor training

  1. Severe bleeding indirect pressure
  2. Crush injury
  3. Hypothermia
  4. Lymes Disease
  5. Suspension trauma
  6. Treatment of Blisters
  7. What to do if you have no communications
  8. Basic casualty evacuation planning
  9. Improvised splinting
  10. Improvised stretchers
  11. Managing risk
  12. Casualty management


10-11th Dec 2015 Perthshire

Individual booking

Cost per person £120

Group booking 

Group bookings  are bespoke and tailored to the requirements of the client depending on the activities they are involved in please call for a quote

practical training in the environment you work in

outdoor instructors doing a first aid workshop