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We have been specialising in forestry first aid training since the introduction of the Forestry Commissions first aid policy a number of years ago, we also understand that not just forestry workers requires this tailored first aid plus forestry training.


With over 10 years experience in the industry, we are currently the only  first aid training provider who are members of both the Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) and the Confederation of Forest Industries (CONFOR).

We have developed a course that is continually being updated and evolving to reflect the changes within all industrys working in remote rural environments.
Our forestry first aid efaw+F course has been developed with estate workers, ecologists, surveyors, civil engineers, renewables and hydro schemes in mind.
We understand you may not be involved directly in forestry but work in the very same environments so you also need to comply with the Forestry Commissions policy on first aid.
Our aim is to have a course that is the most relevant and informative courses within the forest industry and is relevant for the whole outdoor industry from ground works and surveyors all the way through the supply chain to the end user.
As part of this journey, we have noticed that many companies not normally associated with the forest industry and now being asked to send their staff on first aid at work + forestry courses so our aim is to tailor these course to be suitable for your own staff requirements.

Please contact us today to discuss your options for bespoke training options for your own staff and work environments.

Emergency First Aid at Work forestry EFAW +F

1 Day Emergancy first aid at work course designed for people involved in forestry stalking and a minimum requirement for anyone working or playing on forestry commission land.

Emergency first aid at work Rural and outdoors

Forestry First Aid EFAW+F for other Industries



Emergency First Aid at Work (1 Day)

The perfect course for an introduction to fist aid teaching basic life support skills and emergancy first aid tailored to your own work place

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