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CA First Aid


Salkeld Rd,

, Penrith, CA11 8SG

Penrith, GB, CA11 8SG

Our Forestry First Aid Efaw+F courses are suitable for Forest Workers, Forestry and Fencing Contractors, Arborist, Stalking Contractors, Civil Engineering Contractors, Recreational Hunters
or anyone wishing to work on Forestry Commission land or rural contracts.

Our Emergency First Aid at Work forestry +F (EFAW+F) has been developed to comply with Forestry Commission first aid policy and the HSE guide on first aid and emergancy procedures in tree work.

The recommended Forestry Commission topics covered are 

  • Severe Bleeding i.e chainsaw injuries and the use of tourniquet, trauma Dressings and Clotting Agents

  • Crush Injury and suspension trauma   

  • Hypothermia and managing and injured casualty   

  • Lyme Disease 

  • Getting help with out a mobile signal personal locator beacons Spot and Inreach Explorer 

Over many years we have refined our course Emergency first aid at work forestry +F (Efaw+F) courses with the help of some major players of the industry including Scottish Woodlands, RST and the forestry commission.

As a UK FISA member and the preferred provider for the Forestry Commission and Scottish Woodlands, we understand your working environment. Our Emergency first aid at work forestry +F (Efaw+F) courses offer practical training and advice outside the class room and tailored to your own working environment and have been designed with the help of organisations in the industry to comply with the Forestry Commissions first aid policy.

As a member of the Forest Industry Safety Accord UK Fisa we keep up to date with health and safety in your sector of industry and continually up date our Emergency Forestry First Aid at Work +F (Efaw+F) courses to reflect the most common and up to date  near misses and incidents in the sector.

Tailored Emergency Forestry First Aid at Work +F Courses (EFAW +F )  delivered by full time outdoor professionals that work in the same outdoor environment as your staff,  Our trainers have real life on the job experience of working in remote environments with casualties and hopefully bring this across during the training.

Our Emergancy Forestry First Aid at Work forestry +F efaw +f  courses are more about practical advice with casualty management processing from hypothermia, contacting the correct emergancy service and the use of Spot messengers and other communication devises.  Emergency first aid at work forestry +F ( Efaw+F) courses are the minimum requirement for Forestry, Renewable , Construction, Utility company’s  and a Stalkers  working on Forestry Commission Land or  in remote and hazardous environments. 

We are fully committed to making the forestry industry a safer environment to work with in and course content is relevant useful and delivered by people who understand your own environment.

Why not call today to discuss your own Emergency first aid at work forestry +F (Efaw+F) course that can be tailored to your own working environment or staff needs.