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“Welcome to Scotland’s Health and Safety Advisory Services for Farms and Sporting Estates and Forestry!


With a rich background spanning diverse roles in the Military, Mountain Rescue, and as an Expedition Leader and Outdoor Activities Instructor across global remote landscapes, I bring a unique perspective on risk and safety management. Leveraging years of experience, both on-site and remotely engaging with clients, I offer practical, relevant advice tailored to specific needs.

Our specialized focus lies in catering tocompanies and individuals working in remote and often challenging environments, frequently engaging in lone work or operating far from conventional emergency services. Our tailored approach acknowledges the unique risks associated with such scenarios, offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize safety, effective emergency response plans, and specialized training to mitigate potential hazards in these isolated settings. We understand the nuances of working in remote landscapes, ensuring that our advisory services are specifically designed to address the distinctive needs of those operating in such environments.”

As the Managing Director of CA First Aid Ltd & CA Health and Safety in Falkirk since 2004, my focus has been on delivering comprehensive First Aid and Health and Safety guidance to organizations operating in challenging environments across the UK. This includes a deep understanding of managed land estates, forestry industry practices, and collaboration with academic institutions to shape safety awareness within the industry.

A pivotal role within the Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) Working Group for Site Safety has enabled me to engage with key stakeholders and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), contributing expertise in lone working and satellite communications. Additionally, as an approved training provider for esteemed entities like the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) and major Land and Forest Management companies, I’ve gained invaluable insights into their operational landscapes.

My extensive background as an Expedition & Winter Mountain Leader at Caledonian Adventures involved leading 20 expeditions globally, fostering team welfare and safety across challenging terrains. Guiding diverse groups through remote areas in the Indian Himalayas, Africa, Borneo, South America, and China honed my skills in crisis management, leadership development, and meticulous planning.

Moreover, my tenure as a Team Leader at Worldmark and previous service in HM Forces Army, specifically within the Corps of Royal Engineers, equipped me with problem-solving acumen and leadership skills essential for managing complex projects and hazardous environments.

Complementing this experience, my dedication to continuous learning is evidenced by qualifications including a Level 6 Diploma in Applied Health and Safety, certifications from NCRQ National Compliance and Risk Qualifications, NEBOSH, and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.

I am committed to providing tailored health and safety advisory services specifically designed for the unique challenges faced by farms and sporting estates in Scotland. With a proven track record of safety leadership and a holistic understanding of diverse environments, I aim to deliver practical, effective, and compliant solutions to ensure the well-being of your operations.”

This introduction blends your extensive experience across various industries, emphasizing your expertise in remote and challenging environments while targeting SEO for health and safety advisors in Scotland working with farms and sporting estates.

Scottish Woodlands

Working in remote areas means that it can be difficult to obtain expert medical help quickly and at times response times can be longer than 2twohours.
Remote casualty evacuation planning involves looking at the environment you work within and how this may affect your ability to get help quickly.

Working Scottish Woodlands to develop their remote casualty evacuation plans for remote sites in Glen Etive and Glendessary.

Both had unique challenges due to limited communications and the remoteness of the sites. Working alongside the Scottish woodlands health and safety officers we were able to highlight the correct level of first aid equipment and the appropriate communication devises appropriate to the sites.  Based on the challenges at each of the sites, we produced a detailed casualty evacuation plan based on the requirements of Afag 802 now superseded by the new Site management recommendations


Heavy industry gives challenging environments for staff and first aiders with many injuries being catastrophic and life threatening.

Superglass in Stirling is a Glass recycling plant involving major processes from smelting glass in large furnaces to the final shipping of the product on large Hgv’s

The challenges for first aiders is that they work in the different sections of the large manufacturing site. We carried out at first aid risk assessment for the whole site highlighting specific first aid equipment to each of the processes and areas of the plant.

As part of our continuing service to our, customer we deliver tailored first aid training to their team ensuring we provide the correct level training relevant to their everyday working environment. we do regular skills refresher training then to a walk through of the plant highlighting areas where accidents may happen and carry out specific scenarios based on the likely injuries that may occur.

tailored first aid at work

First aid at work

St Andrew University

Educational field trips can put students and staff out into environments they may not usually be in. The nature of courses such as geology geography and biology means staff venture into wilderness environments as part of their course work.

Working with the Department of Earth Sciences at St Andrews University we developed a first aid course that was tailored to their lectures delivering field trips that involve student and staff going out into wilderness locations.

We currently work with St Andrews University earth sciences department to deliver a course to all second-year students that are required to go into an outdoor environment to complete their coursework and the course has now been incorporated into their second-year curiculum

We are also involved in delivering an expedition based course for members of the St Andrew adventure group and advise them on adventure travel and security prior to embarking on expeditions and adventures all around the world.

Bespoke training courses

Students at St Andrews uni

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