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Forestry First Aid Training Courses Scotland and Northern England

Emergency first aid at work with forestry Efaw+F
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Forestry First Aid Efaw+F and First Aid at Work with Forestry Courses

As the UK and Scottish Governments review and revise restrictions we are taking the appropriate steps to continue to deliver training courses safely in order to reflect demand from customers and stay within Government guidance. We have sourced locations and venues to deliver training where we are able to establish the safeguards necessary to protect our customers.

In line with social distancing measures we will be working on delivering as much of our courses outside or in venues that allow us to deliver courses safely.

Please get in touch if you would like book a course or have a chat with us regarding any part of our first aid + forestry training

Current Scottish Government advice on first aid training during current lockdown restrictions 

First aid training in Scotland
The Scottish Government has informed HSE that first aid training can be permitted under the current coronavirus restrictions, given the following considerations:

·         The training is a required part of the work or operation of the business commissioning the training (e.g. is necessary for compliance with health and safety or other legislation)
·         Other requirements for businesses and individuals under the current restrictions are met
·         All controls necessary are in place to comply with relevant regulations and guidance published by the Scottish Government:  and any additional measures necessary to ensure the training activities and environment are covid secure are taken.

Specialists in first aid with for forestry training courses EFAW+F Training for people working and living in remote rural locations and environments involved in Forestry, Stalking, Civil Engineering, Fish, Agriculture, Estate Work and Community Projects. We offer both Open and tailored first aid with forestry courses around the county please get in touch if you can’t find a EFAW+F course near you

 Our upcoming Emergency First Aid at Work with Forestry Courses

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All of our courses are fully compliant with the Forestry Commissions First Aid Policy

If you do not see an EFAW+F course near you on a suitable date please get in touch we will always try our best for you

Our Forestry First Aid Efaw+F courses are suitable for Forest Workers, Forestry and Fencing Contractors, Arborist, Stalking Contractors, Civil Engineering Contractors, Recreational Hunters
or anyone wishing to work on Forestry Commission land or rural contracts.

Forestry first aid EFAW +F

Emergency First Aid at Work EFAW+F

This couse is sutable for people working in Forestry, Stalking, Civil Engineering, Consorvation and Egolagy, Fish Farming and Comunity led Projects where conventional emergency help is often far away.

Forestry first aid Efaw+F and first Aid at work training

Emergency First Aid at Work EFAW

This course is designed for people requireing the Health and Saftey Exectative HSE one day Emergency first aid at work EFAW qulifacation. All our courses are tailored to suit your own working eviroment and can be deliverd on site

Outdoor first aid courses Scotland and forestry First Aid Efaw+F training

Wilderness and Outdoor (16hr)

This two day course provides people working in an outdoor enviroment  the necessary skills and competencies required to deal with a range of emergency situations in remote places. Suitable for all for NGB Awards.

“Excellent course – very relevant and well put together all of my guys,some of whom are professionals in the medical field thought it was brilliant”
Chris Dalton

Owner , South Ayshire Stalking

“Our guide staff require regular tailored first aid training to the environments that they operate in. Stewart always ensures the training is tailored and delivered in a interesting and useful manner”

Peter Syme

Owner , Splash White Water Rafting

Remote or rural environments in the UK mean we are often some time away from medical help.

Rural and remote areas encounter increased limitations and resources with extended responce times. Remoteness, travel, communications and logistical problems all add to this situation our Forestry first aid Efaw+F courses take this into to account.

High risk jobs confined spaces construction sites and coastal areas can be challenging environments. Injuries and distance form specialist medical help means we adapt our first aid training. Living in a rural location for work or pleasure means a need for a different type of first aid.

Working in higher risk areas can make treating a casualty difficult. Working in Forestry, renewables or construction can put your workers at greater risk. Location and remoteness of a accident means dealing with a casualty for longer. Illness or injury is greater, due to the environment and of the activity. The severity of an injury is can be greater, due to the nature of the work your involved in.

We can tailor a course our Forestry first aid Efaw+f and first aid at work courses to meet your own specific requirements. Adapt your course to your location and activates involved and most of all make it relevant to your own working environment.

Forestry First Aid training Courses +F

Over many years we have refined our course with the help of some major players in the industry including Scottish Woodlands, Tilhill and the Forestry Commission. As a member of the Forest Industry Safety Accord UK (FISA) we keep up to date with health and safety in your sector of industry and continually update our courses to reflect the most common near misses and incidents in the sector. We are fully committed to making the forestry industry a safer environment to work within and course content is relevant useful and delivered by people who understand your own environment

First Aid at Work Training Courses

Our First Aid at Work training courses can be tailored and delivered at your own venue minimizing staff downtime and maximizing course content.

Outdoor and Activity-based first aid courses

Our course is delivered by full-time outdoor professionals who have a number of governing body awards all our instructors have served or are serving members of Mountain Rescue Teams around the UK.

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