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Emergency first aid at work with forestry Efaw+F
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Forestry First Aid Efaw+F and First Aid at Work with Forestry Courses

 Our upcoming Emergency First Aid at Work with Forestry Courses

we currently will have not have any course running until the middle of Sept 23 please give us a call on 07872441906 or email us at

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Specialists in first aid with for forestry training courses EFAW+F Training for people working and living in remote rural locations and environments involved in Forestry, Stalking, Civil Engineering, Fish, Agriculture, Estate Work and Community Projects. We offer both Open and tailored first aid with forestry courses around the county please get in touch if you can’t find a EFAW+F course near you

What our customers say about Us 

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Wayne Hendry
Wayne Hendry
Factual and to the point course; a professional yet relaxed presentation. Highly recommend.
Rob Jordan
Rob Jordan
My first course with CA, excellent, informative and to the point. Would definitely recommend highly. Thank you
Reece Hawes
Reece Hawes
Second time doing my first aid with CA first aid. Very insightful course, presented in a friendly manor. Instructor doesn’t make you feel stupid for not knowing the answers, like others might. Thanks again.
Mark Wark
Mark Wark
Great course & instructor & really appreciate being given a placement @ such short notice, will definitely book again with CA First Aid in 3 years 😉👍🏻
Peter Faryma
Peter Faryma
Just renewed my first-aid + F with CA First-aid and got to say it was really well presented and focussed on lone-working in rural areas. The course was very practical and no-nonsense giving people working rural skills and communication methods to preserve and save lives. I have used this company in the past and have to say Stewart gave a real education in first-aid at a high level. Thank you CA.
Mark Wallace
Mark Wallace
One of the few courses that I look forward to doing. Always informative, relevant and above all... Interesting. Well done guys.
John Spence
John Spence
Great course, Malcolm the instructor was exceptional and made the day.
John Sheridan
John Sheridan
Excellent and informative course ran by Stewart , takes time to explain everything and will be using for my renewal in the future.
Callum Nicholson
Callum Nicholson
Excellent course (First Aid +F) and well delivered. Would recommend to anyone in the forest industry.
Luvena Taylor
Luvena Taylor
A really informative and tailored course that was insightful, informative and engaging. Stewart not only shows you how to keep someone alive in extreme circumstances but also recommends apps and services that would benefit workers on the ground. He tailored the course to our specific environment and his personal experience makes the information given relevant and relatable.

All of our courses are fully compliant with the Forestry Commissions First Aid Policy

If you do not see an EFAW+F course near you on a suitable date please get in touch we will always try our best for you
first aid training with forestry students at the school of forestry
people carrying an impravised strecher
onsite forestry first aid trining in Scotland

Our Forestry First Aid Efaw+F courses are suitable for Forest Workers, Forestry and Fencing Contractors, Arborist, Stalking Contractors, Civil Engineering Contractors, Recreational Hunters
or anyone wishing to work on Forestry Commission land or rural contracts.

Discover the Crucial Need for Forestry First Aid Efaw+F Courses in Remote UK Environments

In rural and remote regions of Scotland and northern England, the scarcity of immediate medical aid amplifies the challenges faced during emergencies. The time lag in response, compounded by issues in travel, communication, and logistics, intensifies the urgency of effective first aid.

For those immersed in high-risk professions such as forestry, construction, and confined spaces, the need for specialized first aid becomes paramount. These demanding environments often pose significant distance barriers to accessing specialized medical assistance. Considering the extended response times, our Forestry First Aid Efaw+F courses are meticulously designed to address these pressing challenges.

Working in forestry, renewables, or construction magnifies the risk to workers. The inherent remote location of these professions necessitates prolonged care for casualties before professional medical aid can be reached. The nature of these activities heightens the likelihood and severity of injuries or illnesses, making tailored first-aid training a critical necessity.

Our specialized courses can be customized to suit the unique requirements of your workforce. By aligning the training with your specific location and activities, we ensure relevance and effectiveness in handling emergencies within your working environment.

Invest in targeted first aid training that adapts to the demands of your profession. Equip your team with the necessary skills to manage emergencies efficiently, especially in the context of remote or rural settings, where immediate medical help might be distant.

Forestry First Aid training Courses +F

Over many years we have refined our course with the help of some major players in the industry including Scottish Woodlands, Tilhill and the Forestry Commission. As a member of the Forest Industry Safety Accord UK (FISA) we keep up to date with health and safety in your sector of industry and continually update our courses to reflect the most common near misses and incidents in the sector. We are fully committed to making the forestry industry a safer environment to work within and course content is relevant useful and delivered by people who understand your own environment

First Aid at Work Training Courses

Our First Aid at Work training courses can be tailored and delivered at your own venue minimizing staff downtime and maximizing course content.

Outdoor and Activity-based first aid courses

Our course is delivered by full-time outdoor professionals who have a number of governing body awards all our instructors have served or are serving members of Mountain Rescue Teams around the UK.

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